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February 1st

First day of class, it was fun and a little intense.  The reason being that old habits are hard to brake.  I just found out what one of my inner problem could be, always trying to make others aware of ethical behavior.  Always having something to say and never ever keeping quiet, I always need to get my point across.  One good thing people always seem to listen, and always come back for more.  But what is annoying to me is having to repeat myself.

February 2nd

The professor instructed that we choose something in our lives that we need to change, and proceed by figuring out how to change it.  We must create a blog and write at least 5 sentence a day of what we did to achieve this goal.  Well that is a real challenge since I will have to basically write about the same things over and over again.  But since I made the commitment I will follow through the best I can and the rest will be history.


February 3rd

What I leaned on my first day is that we are constantly trying to change others, and one of the things that Dr. Walkers pointed out is that people cannot be changed.  If that is true I have waited halve my life trying to do just that.  However even though I understand his point of view as stubborn as I am I deeply believe that every human being as the potential to change what is wrong in their lives, and I don’t think is wrong to help someone do just that.


February 6

After doing a little thinking I have come to the understanding that before I try to change others I will start by changing myself.  Because in this exercise the word change does not exist is wrong and we cannot change others.  I must change the word change to persuasion.  I am now trying to distinguish the difference between the two words.  If I am trying to change someone or I am persuading some one to change. Isn’t the result the same?

February 7

Today I decided to start my day quietly, normally I wake up at 6:10 dose of for 20 minutes, 10 at the time run the kitchen make my coffee, go to the bathroom take a shower drink the coffee while watching the weather channel get dress while brewing the second cup of coffee and if I have time I drink it if not it stays on top of the oven.  At exactly 7:05 I live my house and head on to my priest home, pick up the Temples keys and open up for the members to enter.



16th. I had 2 cups of espresso before I left the house.  I made a point to get to Jamaica Avenue early, to try this new Italian restaurant that serves breakfast.  Bacon, cheese and eggs for 2.25. So far so good I can have a breakfast that will keep me full until lunch time so that I can learn to balance 3 meals.

17th. I need to make a strategic about beginning to lose weight.  For me is not so easy because I am a diabetic.  One of my determinations is to have breakfast every morning and try not to eat dinner late.
I don’t eat at all times but gaining is easy because I don’t check for the salt intake

18th. a challenging day, I promised to cut down on cigarettes.  My daughter who is doing very badly in school informs me that she is still cutting classes.  She wants to go out with her friend therefore starts provoking.  She stand in front of just kept saying I know you want to hit me go ahead, this for 15 minutes.  I started thinking of covert persuasion, and said to her; go to your room.  It took a while but she did.

19th. Walk up at 8:30 walked into my kitchen, and started breakfast.  Then I went into the bathroom took a quick shower.  Walk up my daughter it took me almost 20 minutes.   We both had breakfast and got ready to go to the temple.  I had a good day even though the attendance was low, I had few sales.

20th. Walk up early, cooked breakfast and without arguments allowed my daughter to go to the mall with her friends.  She return begging me to let her stay home, I refused to change my plans. We argue and argue but at the end, I took her to Manhattan to spend a few days with my mom.

21st.  Started my diet, I had 2 eggs with a tomatoes for breakfast. I did not and will not count calories.
At about 1pm I had lunch.  For the first time in over a year I went to the tracks for 1hour.  It did not work well the track at York college is not open. I had to walk indoors.  I don’t enjoy walking indoors.

22nd. Today; I started with a good breakfast.   Read 20 minutes on the buss, walked 45 minutes after lunch, and will have a tuna dinner before class.

23rd.  I know there is a reason why I am taking this class, but I don’t know it yet.   I freeze when I have an audience, totally blank.  Even though I am not happy with the class, for some reason I have been changing my hobbits when it comes to my goals.

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