March 26

Today was a calm day; I had lots of work which made my day go fast. For breakfast I had a bagel with butter. At about 12:30 I had a chicken leg with broccoli and halve cup of rice. I drank 3 bottles of water and went for a 20 minutes’ walk. It was windy and cold therefore; I did not feel like walking. This is the type of weather that I feel can get us sick. Tomorrow is my daughter’s 16th birthday, am sad because is not the way that I intended her birthday be. But I know she will have many more where I will be able to make it better for.

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One Response to March 26

  1. Nicholas Petrakis says:

    I am very happy that you had a calm day today. I think you should work on your sentences because some of them are not correct. Try to work on your sentences so the reader can get a better understanding.

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