My goals

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1. March of 2009 my partner got ill, I graduated May of the same year, June 26 he unexpectedly died of cancer. Even though I paid about $700 to take the first CPA exam I was not able to due to intensive travel and emotional condition.

2.  At the age of 15 my daughter reveled, everything came out it was as though her father just died.

3.  My priority was and is building a relationship my daughter, and becoming a tax consultant.


  1. I became a diabetic, High blood pressure and angioplasty by the end of the second semester.
  2. I just started seeing a psychologist with my daughter.
  3. My goal is to go back to speed walking, loose the two sizes I picked up, and cut smoking.


1.  I got a degree because I love taxation, and wanted to help our business; instead I went to Hawaii and Tokyo to close the business.

2.  I have been president of Union Terrace Condominium for ten years.

3.  My determination is to become a tax consultant re-build my business.


  1. Pay of my New York condo.
  2. Decide if I want to live in NY.
  3. Learn web design


  1. Learn the internet and by the end of this semester have my business on line.
  2. Lose weight and stop smoking
  3. Create good relationship with my Daughters


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