Weekly post

Week 1.

Week one has being insane.  I don’t have a clue of what I am doing or what I am expected to do.  It’s my understanding that I am not the only one.  All my colleges are having the same problem.  I want to catch up with the work, even though I cannot assess my site from home, I continue to write. Today I will call the help desk again; if I cannot get through I will seriously consider dropping the class.


Week 2.  I feel a little better about the blog.  I finally posted the writings and e-mailed all my colleges, I have to find a way to change the address so that I can work from home.  I am still confused with the blog because I would not write anything that is not true.  It must be difficult for my colleagues to relate because I think I am the oldest one in the class, therefore writing of things that don’t relate to them.

Week 3.  Hectic, Hectic.  I am trying to get accustom and actually thing that I have discipline myself a little.  Ironic I actually like writing, and following my own rules.  But next week I think that I want to do better.  For instance I have not created my e-file, even though I already wrote everything.

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